Issue N°2

International Journal of Electronic and Electrical Engineering Systems

 Volume 1, N°2 – June 2018 


Aim and Scope

Editorial Boards

Induction Motor’s Rotor Faults Diagnosis at Variable Speed Using an STFT-MLA Combination
A. F. Aimer, A. H. Boudinar, M. E. A. Khodja and A. Bendiabdellah 
Experimental Study of a Soft Magnetic Composite Shielding Effectiveness
K. Benzaoui, A. Ales, A. Zaoui and D. Moussaoui 
Frequency-Tunable Sensing-Antenna for Wireless Sensor Applications 
R. Khelladi, M. Djeddou and F. Ghanem 
A Modified Circular Monopole UWB Antenna with WiMAX/WLAN Dual Band Notch Function
F. Guichi and M. Challal 
Identification of the Granular Product Composition Flowing in a Pneumatic Transport System Using Triboelectric Charge Measurement
I. N. Mahi, A. Tilmatine, R. Messafeur and F. Miloua